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Google Map of our projects in Fiji on the Island of Kadavu

Kadavu, Fiji Islands

The Fiji Islands


Here is a Google Map of our projects on Kadavu Island, Fiji. Our first project was the Nuku Settlement. This project had been started before we arrived, they had run out of resources. When we were asked to complete it we jumped on the chance. We had great support on this project. The men and women of the village worked together to make it possible. The men worked with our project manager, Ben Sorensen while the women kept them fed.

The Navuatu Village and the people are very special to us. The Cula families housed and fed our Ben, even took care of board members on a visit in 2010. This was our second project, here we added two Rotomould water tanks, each 5000 Litres. What was to be a library in this small village turned into Wananavu Kadavu-Fresh Water for Fiji.

The Kavala Health Clinic & Naleca Post Office is our biggest project to date. Our third project on the Island of Kadavu. This project will serve 1/3 of the island, over 3000 people. On this project our project manager is being housed by the Fiji Government near the health clinic. Three Villages rotate to work on this project, it's been nice to have so much support.

The weather can hold up work, getting needed supplies and fuel. Ben says it's been a pleasrue working with these thrree villages, its amazing what can be done when everyone works together.

Our project manager, has been unable to upload photos. In a couple of weeks he will have access to the internet so we can show the work being done.

We'd like to thank the Fiji Government, Health Department of Fiji, Holladay Rotary of Utah USA, the North Suva Rotary Club.  All the support we've received from the villages. Our dedicated and talented board member and advisory board members. With their support and the sponsors and donations from around the world this would not be possible. So, thank you very much, we're looking forward to many more projects in the future.

If you'd like to be apart of future projects we accept donations through PayPal.



One village at a time, together we can...



The Kavala Health Clinic Project, our first project in the New Year.

We have started work on the Kavala Health Clinic which also includes the Naleca Post Office. Our project manager, Ben Sorensen is enjoying the work at Kavala and the good people there. There are 3 villages working with us, they rotate days. This go around, Ben is staying in a government provided house near the Clinic. 

Having a friend here in Utah (our headquarters) from the Kavala Bay area is nice. Before we knew anyone in that location, we met Inoke Qaqanilawa, his wife Amileki and their young son Maia. Inoke is from the Naidti Village, Yale district on Kadavu Island. Inoke called me after he heard of the 1st Annual Wananavu Kadavu Golf Tournament. It was an honor having him join us for a day of golf, to help with the project near his childhood home. Inoke and his wife also cheered the Water Warriors ( our Dodge Ball team ) at the Utah Jazz Dodge Barrage. Two weeks later, the Qaqanilawas invited us to help celebrate the Fiji 40 Year Independence Day Celebration. It has been so nice to have these friendships that remind us of our work in Fiji. 

What was especially nice, was having Inoke speak at our Golf Tournament during the luncheon. He knew better then anyone the needs of his Island in Fiji. Soon, golf professional, Joseph Summerhays will be back to work organizing the 2nd Annual Wananavu Kadavu Golf Tournament. Last years tournament definitely wouldn't have been the success it was without him. The feedback from our first try at having a golf tournament has been positive. The best thing we heard was "it was fun". That is just how we want it, fun. 

We receive many emails, comments and letters of thanks for the work we're doing, but all of us involved with Wananavu Kadavu feel blessed and grateful for this great experience. The opportunity to help others is truly rewarding. God willing, we will have the ability to spend many years in Fiji helping to bring fresh spring water to families in need. 

We had someone comment that "Fiji has plenty of water, that's where Fiji Water comes from". Fiji Water does come from an artesian aquifer in theYaqara Valley, Viti Levu, Fiji. However over half of the population in Fiji does not have access to this type of clean water, or the materials to bring it to their rural villages, clinics and schools. 

Our Project Manager, Ben Sorensen has had years of experience in construction and is now learning more and more about water projects. As he met with the people in the villages where we have put in water tanks, he assured us he could do the work. Without him it would be close to impossible for us to provide for these projects. He has worked well with the Fiji Government and other people with the experience needed to move forward. Because of Ben and his committmentWananavu Kadavu now has lifelong friends in the Fiji Islands. 

Here is a simple step by step outline of how our water projects work :

1st- Ben goes with locals and employees of the Kadavu Health Administration to find a clean water source. Once found, the Health Department tests the water flow to make sure it is strong enough to provide for the area in need. Then the water is tested for its purity. Once the water is found to meet government standards Ben starts to measure and calculate the job.

2nd- A dam is build at the water source, then pipes are constructed from the dam down to a site for the water tanks.

3rd- Depending on the number of tanks needed for the project, cement slabs are constructed to house the tanks. We use gravity to get the water to the homes, clinics or schools.

4th- Once the tanks are in, we plumb into the villages. 

The majority of the supplies used are; PVC pipe, fittings, lumber, rebar, cement  and of course water tanks which are made from polyethylene. As to date, we have purchased our tanks from Rotamould Fiji LTD in Wailada Lami, Suva. Other vendors are RC Manubhai & Co. LTD and Vinod Patel to name a few. Ben travels to Suva about every 6 to 8 weeks depending on the need. He makes the purchases needed, then returns to Kadavu on the boat with the supplies. 

Each village provides the man power and work along side Ben.  Food has been provided by the village we are working for. Ben has lived in the Navuatu Village until we started work at Kavala Bay. While in the Navuatu Village, he lived with the Cula families. What a great blessing the Cula family has been to Wananavu Kadavu Inc.

The villages where water projects have been built to date are; The Nuku Village and the Navuatu Village. The Kavala Health Clinic is our first clinic to work on, with the hopes of more in the future. 

When the project is finished, it is then gifted by Wananavu Kadavu to the village/clinics for future care and maintenance.

As said, this is a "simple" step by step outline. We can assure you there is a lot more to it.

We are looking forward to our journey in this New Year. The founder and president of Wananavu Kadavu, Nancy Thompson Mahler will be traveling to Fiji soon to see the progress. Also while in Fiji, she hopes to meet with Dr. Dave WhippySalote Cataka and others to make plans for our next project. 

We were told that it takes around 5 years to get a nonprofit off the ground. In just over a year we've provided water to two villages and are now working on a Health Clinic. The Kavala Health Clinic will provide water for 1/3 of the people on the island of Kadavu.

Maybe there really are no accidents in life, maybe it was meant to be. On the darkest days when we were trying to get on our feet, not knowing if we would come up with the money needed to continue, we sometimes wondered,  "what were we thinking"!?  The next day, there was a donation in just the amount needed to move forward. The success of our golf tournament made it possible to purchase the supplies needed for the Kavala Health Clinic. For all the sponsors, the golfers, family and friends who have supported us, thank you. To those of you who are strangers who believe in our work and have contributed, thank you. For all of you who have encouraged us along the way, thank you. You all kept us going. When we didn't think we could go on, you believed in us.

It takes more than a village, it takes the world. 

One village at a time, together we can...


Wananavu Kadavu 1st Annual Golf Tournament Friday, September 24, 2010

Golf anyone...   mark Friday, September 24, 2010 on your calendar

Wananavu Kadavu is having their

1st Annual Golf Tournament to raise awareness and funds to bring

fresh spring water to rural villages in Fiji.


2501 east Gentile

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You can enjoy a day of golf, food, fun at the same time

you're  helping bring fresh drinking water to rural village in Fiji.


One village at a time, together we can...


Water of life ~ Water of Death

Water an elemental

Water a fundamental

Building block of life

Water of Life

Water of Death

Water in all religions

Water in all living things

Water in all countries

Water also used for barter

No life without water

No rife with water

No respect for water

Willful neglect of water

Water, for cooking

Water, for cleaning

Water, for drinking

Water, for living

Water, for dying

Water is the same

In all languages

Water is the same

To all living beings