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These projects will bring potable water to, health clinics, schools and rural villages.

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Solotavui Project update...

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working
together is success.”
   ~Henry Ford

What has been accomplished in the short time that Wananavu Kadavu started
working in the Solotavui Village is amazing. Our crew of volunteers
have been working long hours with our project manager Ben Sorensen and
it shows in the progress.

We are so grateful to all who have supported us and continue to
support us in our efforts to bring clean drinking water to rural villages in
Fiji. Be a part of this and future projects by making your charitable
donation today.

Together we can do anything...


2nd Annual Wananavu Kadavu Golf Tournament

2nd Annual Wananavu Kadavu Golf Tournament 
Monday, August 1, 2011
Valley View Golf Course - Layton Utah
4 man scramble
7am sign, 8am tee off
$85 per person including green fees, cart and lunch
Contact: Nancy Thompson Mahler 
   mobile 801-891-7714
Kim Kohler
VIP Trip to the Masters 2012
Million Dollar Hole in One
& more...
 Richard Nelson winner of the VIP TRIP to THE MASTERS 2011
I understand it took a couple of weeks before his smile started to fade.
Helping to bring clean water to rural villages in Fiji
One village at a time, together we can...
more information to follow...
1st Annual Wananavu Kadavu Golf Tournament
Richard Nelson & Company
took home most of the loot
including a trip to 
The Masters 2011
A shot for a 
Million Dollar
Hole in One
This year it could be you
All this fun provided over 3000 people with clean water
Nuku Settlement 
Navuatu/Drue Villages
Nuku Crew
Navuatu/Drue Crew
Kavala Bay Health Centre 
Kadavu Island, Fiji
Kavala Bay Crew
Vinaka vakalevu (big thank you very much) to our golfers from the 
families who have received
clean drinking water
With your continued support we can
keep moving forward in our efforts
to bring clean drinking water to all
those without
Sign up today
One village at a time, together we can...


One drop, one ocean, one world... together we can make it happen.

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

-Ryunosuke Satoro


"YOU" are making it happen...

Our project manager, Ben Sorensen uploaded some photos of  the Navuatu water project we are doing in Fiji.  Please forgive me for making this personal, but Wananavu Kadavu is very personal to me and my family.

Ben Sorensen is my oldest son and I just want you to know how proud I am of him and the work he is doing in Fiji. Little did I know a trip to Fiji would change our lives forever.

Ok, so I'm his mom but that doesn't stop it from being something great. He has invested in Wananavu Kadavu and the people of Fiji. The crew of our 2 projects to date have become family, he lives with them and works with them. So Ben, kudos to you. From now on when I hear "pay it forward" I'll think of Ben, the people who work shoulder to shoulder with you and all those who have believed in us. How easy it would have been to return home to Utah never to look back...  the journey we would have missed.

As I've been looking at his photos of our Navuatu crew, I cried. I'm so proud of Ben, so proud of the work he is doing. He didn't do it alone, our family didn't do it alone, there is no "I" in doing something like this it's "WE". People from all around the world are making it happen, a stranger on a plane, old friends, new friends this wouldn't be happening without "YOU", so vinaka vakalevu, danke schon, merci beaucoup, arigato gozaimasu, obrigada, muchas gracias and thank you thank you thank you!!

Ben and Scott made the decision to stay in Fiji to do this work, we said we'd do our best to make it happen and in the end "YOU" made it happen, together we can make big changes to make our world a better place for all to live.

Every person who has helped make this happen is "Wananavu Kadavu", wananavu means everything is set, that being said we can continue working...

One village at a time, together we can...



Water of life ~ Water of Death

Water an elemental

Water a fundamental

Building block of life

Water of Life

Water of Death

Water in all religions

Water in all living things

Water in all countries

Water also used for barter

No life without water

No rife with water

No respect for water

Willful neglect of water

Water, for cooking

Water, for cleaning

Water, for drinking

Water, for living

Water, for dying

Water is the same

In all languages

Water is the same

To all living beings