Water of life ~ Water of Death
Saturday, July 10, 2010 at 3:13PM
Nancy Thompson Mahler in "Anand Dixit", "Wananavu Kadavu", "Water Project", "Water Tanks", "Working Together", Fiji, Kadavu, Life, Poem, Springs, The Water Needs in Fiji, Villages, Water
Water an elemental

Water a fundamental

Building block of life

Water of Life

Water of Death

Water in all religions

Water in all living things

Water in all countries

Water also used for barter

No life without water

No rife with water

No respect for water

Willful neglect of water

Water, for cooking

Water, for cleaning

Water, for drinking

Water, for living

Water, for dying

Water is the same

In all languages

Water is the same

To all living beings

Anand Dixit

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