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The need for safe drinking water...

Netani Rika netani.rika@govnet.gov.fj June 21
to Wananavu Kadavu


I met Ben this morning and he is a very enthusiastic young man who is
very committed to his projects. We are making arrangement to have a
media coverage on Monday and to include Ben in it. It is a way of
informing the public of what the Wananavu Kadavu has been doing in Fiji
ever since it's inception in Fiji.

I also take this opportunity to convey to you our gratitude for the
amount of assistance you have provided in Kadavu so far. Please convey
this gratitude to your organization and your families as well. We look
forward to working closely with you from now on.

Thank you & God Bless.

NB Rika
Commissioner Eastern Division.


 Wananavu Kadavu appreciates the support of Lt. Col. Netani Rika, the Fiji Government and all those who have supported our efforts to bring safe drinking water to rural villages on Kadavu Island, Fiji




Solotavui Project update...

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working
together is success.”
   ~Henry Ford

What has been accomplished in the short time that Wananavu Kadavu started
working in the Solotavui Village is amazing. Our crew of volunteers
have been working long hours with our project manager Ben Sorensen and
it shows in the progress.

We are so grateful to all who have supported us and continue to
support us in our efforts to bring clean drinking water to rural villages in
Fiji. Be a part of this and future projects by making your charitable
donation today.

Together we can do anything...


The Solotavui Village 2012

 The Solotavui Village

 We are happy to be back in Fiji working on our next project. Our project manager, Ben Sorensen has surveyed many areas around Kadavu to locate sources for clean water.  He has also had several meetings around Kadavu and Suva including meetings with the Commissioner - Eastern Division, Netani Rika and the Assistant District Officer of KadavuAlfana McGoon. The Fiji government has been very supportive. We began work on our 4th water project, the Solotavui Village on Kadavu Island May 2012.




 The local support has been amazing. Four days a week, we have around 15 to 30 men coming to the project ready to work. As these men work with our project manager shoulder to shoulder, they learn how to maintain and repair their water source. This provides preparation for eventual ownership of the water project, which the people of Solotavui Village will clean and maintain. Lunch is prepared by the women of the village and delivered by them and the children. Everyone wants to be a part of the project.

After digging out the spring and preparing the project site for a containment dam, the crew carries supplies to the job site, including 100 lb bags of cement, rebar, wood, PVC pipe and a large water tank. An average day begins with bagging sand on a nearby beach to mix with cement, digging trenches to lay the PVC pipe and digging out a level platform for the water tank. The work takes place during long hard days in the hot sun or heavy rain, but to all those who are a part of this work, it is very rewarding.


You can also be a part of the Solotavui Village Project and help improve the lives of these wonderful people by making a donation through PayPal today.

    Water is LIFE 


The project started May 1, 2012, expected completion date is July 2012


Store water for the natural disasters that will come...

A state of natural disaster has been called for western Fiji following flooding in which at least three people are missing 2 have died and 8000 have been forced into evacuation centres.

Power was cut on the main island of Viti Levu. Incoming flights to Nadi were stopped last night and scheduled flights out of Nadi to Auckland, Melbourne and Honolulu cancelled do to bad weather.

People are urged to save water, this unsettled weather is expected for the next couple of weeks.






Our prayers and thoughts are with the people of Fiji in this time of need.

One village at a time...


SPC: Water Security is Food Security - World Water Day in the Pacific