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These projects will bring potable water to, health clinics, schools and rural villages.

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Life's most basic need : WATER

Did You Know?

Annually 1.8 million people die from diarrhoeal diseases caused by unclean water and poor sanitation; 90% are children under 5 years of age.

6.7 million cases of diarrhoea occur in the Pacific region every year, a region with just over 10million inhabitants..

This needs to stop. Individually we can not conquered this feat but with the help of others, TOGETHER we can!


Completed Nuku water project

This past week has been an eye opening experience for President of Wananavu Kadavu, Nancy Mahler and Vice president, Serena Martineau. As we made our way into the villages the need of Kadavu Fijian people was visibly apparent. With the little that they have, the villagers welcomed our group with open arms. The following day after our arrival a few of locals and Project director, Ben Sorensen led us up through the thick and tedious terrain above the Nuku settlement to see our fist completed water project. We were so amazed that  Ben and a handful of men from the Nuku settlement had been able to somehow manage and carry the  huge Rotomould tank up through the thick wilderness we had just emerged from. Not only did they carry a large tank on a "not so mild" trail, they also packed in 100 pound bags of cement, and various lengths of PVC piping. It really made us appreciate the hard and strenuous work that these men put into completing the project. It came with many days of hard labor but it has definitely paid off for the people of the Nuku settlement who now have safe drinking water.

We also had the great opportunity to meet with SOPAC Director Dr Russell Howorth. He is an incredibly smart man who was willing to share with us some amazing ideas on how to best  provided the the Fiji islands with the basic needs of safe drinking water. He shared with us a great lecture that he  gave at this years World Water Day. Click HERE to read more....

Above: Ben Sorensen (Project manager)

Our first complete water project! (Nuku settlement, Kadavu, Fiji)


Call to improve rural Water- Fiji Times Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Water supply during dry weather. No treatment.

One village at a time, together we can...


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One Village at a time, together we can...


World Water Day: Why business needs to worry