Starting our second water project on the Island of Kadavu, Fiji Islands
Saturday, April 3, 2010 at 10:00AM
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Members of the Board of Directors of Wananavu Kadavu as well as some of our friends and supporters are coming to Fiji in April, each brining their own experience and talents that they are offering to contribute to the benefit of the community. While in Fiji we are planning to complete the Wananavu Kadavu Water Project. Additionally, while in Fiji we would like to contribute other services to the Kadavu community. Please find below a summary of our members our Broad and our supporters who will be participating in our April 2010 trip and their areas of expertise:

Serena Martineau, who has been part of Wananavu Kadavu from the very start, has offered many hours to our water project. As a talented artist and photographer, she will also be involved in the following:

- Teaching the children or whoever would like to be involved, to hand paint on canvas. We will then be bringing these canvases back to the States to be auctioned off, and all monies received will go back into the funds for the Wananavu Kadavu project

- taking photographs of Kadavu that will be auctioned off, with all proceeds to be used  for the Wananavu Kadavu  project.

- providing help for the Wananavu Kadavu project in any way possible and will be bringing over supplies such as clothing and educational items.

The multi-talented Dexter Taylor whose background includes experience as a successful business owner, handyman, and magician, has offered to be involved in the following efforts:

- Offering to give advice and tips on improving and economizing in the Village.

- Helping build and repair anything of need.

- Dexter has been a professional magician for over 35 years and has offered to put on a magic show for the people of  Kadavu.

- Willing to help in any way needed.

- Bringing building supplies, anti-bacterial ointment,  first aid supplies.

Heinz Mahler, our legal adviser will be joining us later in April to assist with completing the water project construction.

As founder of Wananavu Kadavu I will bring with me building supplies for the next water project and clothing for the Fijian families we have grown to love. I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces and enjoying the delicious food they prepare.

While we are in Fiji we will be working closely with Ben Sorensen who has been our project manager working in Fiji since 2009. Through his many hours of service working side-by-side with community we completed our first project to bring better drinking water to the village of Nuku. We are now preparing for our second water project on the island of Kadavu during our April 2010 stay in Fiji we will begin. Without Ben's hard work and dedication to Wananavu Kadavu, our friends in Kadavu and Fiji and friends around the world who have given financial support, shelter, food, this project would not have been possible.
I would also like to thank Scott Sorensen for his dedication, time and skills in helping to start the Wananavu Kadavu project as well as his continued support of our efforts.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or would like to help with our on going efforts to bring safe drinking water to the people of Fiji.
Your friends at Wananavu Kadavu

252 Bayview Drive

Farmington, Utah 84025



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